Denver Sleigh Home



Most of the horse-drawn sleighs are 80 to 100 years old and are not intended for actual sleighing but rather as decoration or display.

We generally maintain an inventory of approximately 100 sleighs on hand in various styles and conditions of restoration.

Examples of sleighs are:



Speeding Sleigh - These types of sleighs are known as the "Cutters". Examples include the Portland Cutter and the Buffalo Cutter. They are very light-weight and high off of the ground.


Business Sleigh - These sleighs were usually used for business purposes. The back seat can be removed for more cargo room and the front seat can be shifted for the most desirable position. These are the forerunner to todays van and stationwagon.


Canadian/Russian Sleighs - This sleigh design originated in the Northern region was built heavier to withstand the heavier snows. This is the same style sleigh that was used in the movie "Dr. Zhavigo".


Bob-Runner - Used for business purposes, such as delivery and farm choring, the Bob-Runner is probably the most recognizable sleigh ever built. As with the business sleigh, the rear seat(s) are removable giving the owner more cargo room. Turning was much easier also, as the running gear is similar in design to a wagon.

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